Well-being is an interconnected system. Sitting on that hard dining room chair, for example, not only takes a toll on your physical body, but also impacts cognition and emotions – both of which lead to the inability to focus and less than optimal effectiveness.

According to a study by the Society for Humans Resource Management (SHRM), 71% of people working from home are struggling to adjust to remote work. Please see our “Pro Tips” below to help you increase your production while working from home.

Working From Home – 5 Pro Tips:

  1. Start Your Workday with a Routine
    Consistency is key to identifying the start of your workday.
  2. Communicate with Those Whom You Share Your Space
    Setting ground rules with family and/or roommates will help you focus on your work.
  3. Do Not Hesitate to Ask Your Employer for the Tools You Need
    If your employer supports you working from home, request that they provide you the tools you need to be productive; Sit-to-Stand Table, Ergonomic Chair, Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse, Printer.
  4. Maintain a Dedicated Work Environment
    This will help you to identify “work-time”. When you are in your dedicated work environment it is time to focus on work and be productive.
  5. “Socialize” With Colleagues
    Protect yourself from feeling isolated whether you are an introvert or extrovert, it is critical to feel connected to your team members. Consider virtual Happy Hours, Book Clubs, connect with team members that have similar interests or try other interactive experiences.

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